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The Bogus Boutique is a lifestyle brand featuring unique brightly colored ceramic objects and status symbols. These everyday objects foretell the ironic codification of consumer culture as it embodies our current society.  In The Bogus Boutique, high heel shoes, punk rock lock necklaces, anchors, over sized fishing hooks, suitcases, cigarette lighters, cases of beer, life preservers, telephones, knives, perfume bottles, and cocktail garnishes are outrageously over priced objects as viable subjects for branding and art.  Questioning the notion that ordinary objects can become an “object of art,” Bogus encourages a debate about authorship and originality, dissolving the distinction between sanctioned museum pieces and iconic everyday consumed objects.
The Bogus brand is a one-man factory manufacturing a bogus line of luxury products that no one can actually use or truly needs.  Bogus’s witty humor and ridiculously expressionistic pop pieces will be arranged within an immersive gallery, staged to evoke the feeling of being in a department store.  The sculptures are made from only the cheapest talc clay, wares are fired to a low temperature with the brightest colors possible and he is proud to offer genuine America made products.  The viewer can’t help but giggle at numerous high heels shoes and over sized punk rock necklaces, but these and other pieces fit just fine in the context of a consumer society: dress up, eat, drink, smoke, play, and have sex.
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